This program is designed for Senior Executives and others involved
in the use of contracts in the public sector

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Positioning Contract Governance Within Public Sector Governance

Today, much performance in the public sector is concerned with the programs and services delivered through contract relationships with external entities (private sector and NGOs). 

In many Commonwealth departments and agencies, 80% or more of program budgets is spent through contract relationships.

Many publications, including the recently published ANAO Public Sector Governance Better Practice Guide June 2014, focus on strengthening performance in the public sector through good governance practices. However, these publications offer no contract governance model to guide departments, agencies or individual contract officers on how to achieve performance goals in contract relationships. 

This one day program addresses this critical gap.

  • Introduction and outline
  • Public Sector Governance, Performance and Contract Relationships
  • Challenges Facing the Public Sector in Contract Governance
  • What Contract Governance Is
  • A Fit for Purpose Contract Governance Model for Public Sector Governance
  • Implementing the Contract Governance Model


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