Studies show that 30% of annual contract value is at risk in contract relationships due to poor contract governance

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Available for customisation and in-house delivery

The Burke Four Pillars Model (B4P Model)™

B4P Model™ is a bilateral co-operative and non-adversarial contract governance model for managing contract relationships. It has been specifically designed to fill an important gap in management thinking - the requirement for a professional contract governance model across a broad range of industries. It provides purchasers and service providers with a contract governance model for managing contract relationships to achieve their performance goals in contracts.

This advanced Contract Governance Series comprises four intensive one day workshops on each of the Pillars of the B4P Model™. It is designed to accommodate people with a particular interest in one or more of the Four Pillars.

The programs are available either as individual modules or as a package.

 Benefits of the B4P Model include:

  • is performance focussed
  • Provides lower transaction costs
  • Is one contract governance model for purchaser and service provider
  • Drives co-operative behaviour through relationship management and negotiation methods
  • Integrates contract governance with organisational management
  • Provides a framework/toolkit for good contract governance

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