Customisation and in-house delivery

Our extensive experience in the discipline of contract governance places us in a unique position to customise and deliver inhouse education programs to meet the particular requirements of public and private sector organisations.

We develop programs in relation to:

  • The management and measurement of performance
  • Understanding contract documents and the use of legal services
  • The development of relationship management and co-operative behaviour
  • Non-adversarial negotiation methodology

Benefits of an inhouse program include:

  • Opportunity for a broader exposure in terms of attendance from within the organisation
  • Flexibility in timing to suit the organisation
  • Convenience of on-site program delivery
  • Specific focus on the organisation’s contracting activities
  • Value adds to skills development investment for the organisation
  • Development of skills, tools and systems to suit the organisation's contracting systems
  • Encourages the development of a corporate capability in contract governance within the organisation