"Fantastic, practical knowledge and educational. I found the course enlightening."

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Read what some of our clients have said about our consulting services and education programs.

“The Contract Governance program was probably the most valuable I have done in years.  Certainly, I believe that Contract Governance and The Four Pillars Model is an idea whose time has come.  It resonated with me in terms of challenging traditional procurement models around value generation, yield and the organisational capabilities required to deliver the latter”.

“I have found your course and Model extremely helpful.  I am in a negotiation currently and have used a number of tools from Pillars 1 and 4 and have been frankly surprised at how effective it all is in practice”.

“Your training sessions on The Four Pillars Model were some of the best I have ever attended and the logic behind the program is being easily accepted by my colleagues – I just need to influence the executive now”.

“Terry, thank you for the great course.  I was reviewing all the modules and I realise how much I have learnt and how my approach has been shaped by The Four Pillars Model.  It is really a great course and I really enjoyed your presentation style”.

 “The most relevant training I have attended in my 42 years of working life.  Needs to be incorporated into a nationally recognised competency for practitioners”.

"I participated in one of the most interesting and diverse (looking outside the box) courses I have ever attended. It is incredible that after all my working years someone has actually compiled a workable method of "managing contracts" in a structured useable form that can be applied to all forms of contracts. The presentation was excellent."   

“Great course.  Enjoyed it immensely.”

“Engaging, articulate, highly credible trainers”.

“A pleasure to attend”.

"The course exceeded my expectations".